Why are we here but to grow?!  

In the decade following my diagnosis with glaucoma, I have hit rock bottom, emerged, gone down again, and come back.

These are some of the tools that have helped me make my way back.

Chakras – This is an ancient system of growth that is just as relevant today.  It’s amazing how exploring your life through chakras can give you an intimate look at your life.  

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Enneagram – Using this personality system is like getting a Google map of your inner world.  But its power lies in not only letting you know where you’re “stuck”, it also shows you the path to transcend your core growth issues.  Highly recommended.  

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Zen/ Meditation – How challenging can it actually be to simply sit down with yourself and observe what you do?  Try it!  Yeah, I dare you!  But for those who are willing to go there, the ability to quiet one’s mind and observe their egoic behavior from a higher place is life altering.  These are links to some of the books and teachers I recommend. 

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