Author, Speaker and Copywriter on Health + Wellness

Doug Greene is an award-winning author, speaker and online content producer.  His area of expertise is health + wellness for boomers. He combines personal experience with research to produce content that helps people live healthier, happier and more meaningful lives. 


His first book is From Grief to Grace and chronicles his journey of nearly going blind from glaucoma, slipping into a prolonged depression, and how a bucket list helped him find his way out.  It won the International Transformational Author Writing Contest. He is now working on a follow-up book From Grace to Growth.


Doug speaks about health and wellness with a focus on trauma-related depression recovery and managing depression through natural means. He won numerous speaking awards while in Toastmasters and more recently gave a TEDx talk in Sun Valley, Idaho about his journey. He speaks for the Placer County Speakers Association, Sacramento Stop Stigma groups and for Lions Clubs about his journey.

He weaves his personal journey with depression and vision loss with what he’s learned from training in somatic healing, the Enneagram, ketamine use for depression (including how it saved him) and other modalities.  


Doug also brings a diverse and adventurous life to his writing and speaking.  After graduating from San Jose State with a B.A. in Photojournalism, he moved to Sun Valley Idaho.  That’s where he developed a deep love for outdoor adventure – including ice and rock climbing, alpine and ski mountaineering, adventure motorcycling, whitewater kayaking, cross country ski racing, backpacking and more. 


He worked as a newspaper feature writer and photo editor, magazine editor and freelance photojournalist for national publications. He then moved to Silicon Valley and worked for several startups in digital content production.  When the boom went bust, he began a decade of “wandering” through SE Asia and the Western United States.


Now Doug is a “digital nomad” – working, traveling and house sitting in Northern California, Idaho and Colorado.  He still has one last bucket item – to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail and do it as a vision-awareness hike.