How to Support Someone Going through Loss: Help them Grieve

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with major – and permanent – vision loss from glaucoma.  As a photographer, outdoor adventurer and someone who was “visually oriented”, it hit me hard.

So hard, in fact, that I went into a 3-year depression and considered “checking out”.

What made the difference?  Why am I still here?

In part it was because of friends who were able to simply “be” in that darkest space with me.  They didn’t try to fix anything, give me advice such as “suck it up” or “move on already”.  They simply held space for me.

Looking back on that time I now realize how powerful a gift that was.

I came across this article in Upworth called Magic words to say when everything’s going wrong. (Not ‘everything happens for a reason.’).  It resonates and I highly recommend reading it.

Here’s a beautiful quote from the article:

“Because it’s in those places — in the shadows of horror we rarely allow ourselves to enter — where the beginnings of healing are found. This healing is found when we have others who are willing to enter that space alongside us. Every grieving person on earth needs these people.”

Can you be one of those people who can drop into those darkest of places – even for just a few minutes – to support someone in their darkest of times?

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