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I work with you to create marketing videos you can use on your website and YouTube, e-learning courses to teach your expertise online, and even sales videos you can use for closing the deal.

Some of these videos include:

virtual-interview-screenshoVirtual Video Interviews

Create marketing, teaching or sales videos quickly and cost effectively – right from your office.

By doing a video interview using Skype or Google Hangouts, I work with you to create videos you can use on YouTube, your website or other places on the web. Using an interview format, you’ll be able to naturally answer questions that prospects and potential clients have.  And you can inspire trust and build your brand.

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e-learning-screenshotE-Learning Videos

Are you a trainer or professional who has a system that can be taught online?  I’ll work with you to create the course.  And by using the latest tech, it’s possible to create it without leaving your home.

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book-trailer-screenshot Video Book Trailers

These are like movie trailers – except for your book.  They can motivate people to buy your book by highlighting its biggest promise, then demonstrate that you can deliver on it.  And it doesn’t matter whether you’ve already completed your book or if you’re still working on it.

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 Video Editing & More

how-to-screenshotOther services I provide include:

  • Video Editing – Do you have existing video footage files you’d like to “spruce up”?  I can add intros and outros, tighten them up, and lots of other cool stuff
  • Customer Success Stories – One of the very best ways to demonstrate that your service works is to show it.  That’s what customer success stories do.   By showing the challenge, solution and results you can prove to potential customers how great your service is.
  • How-to Videos Do you want to explain how to use a program, do a process, or put something together?  or how to put something together?  How-to videos can do that.  These are especially great as an alternative to having to explain the same thing over and over again to new customers.
  • Explainer Videos Explainer videos are great for explaining how something.  It could be about what your video does, how it helps customers, or anything else that “needs explaining”.
  • Review Videos Reviews are very popular on YouTube.  Do you want to review a process, class, or anything else that needs a review?  Then consider doing a review video.

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