Lifetime of Creating Content and Sharing Stories

I’ve always been a “content guy”; video is the latest extension of my lifelong career in finding media.doug-portrait

It all started when I graduated with a B.A. in photojournalism. I then moved to a resort town in Idaho where I worked as a photographer and photo editor at a weekly newspaper, then as a writer and editor Sun Valley Magazine.

I then continued my career as a commercial and editorial photojournalist.  My work appeared in New York Times, L.A. Times, Outside, Backpacker, American Cinematographer, Ski, Skiing, and others. My stories were about artists, athletes, and small business owners.

Then in 1997, while recovering from a kayaking injury, I saw the Internet for the first time.  It was one of those life-changing moments. For the first time, information was interactive – “the way information is supposed to be.”   So I moved to Silicon Valley to pursue this new medium.

I worked for six different start-ups, then took a position at Cisco Systems.  During my time with these companies I worked as a web developer, information architect and content developer. And then the boom went bust. “What-if” thinking was replaced with “damage control” and the excitement and rewards disappeared. So I decided I needed a break – to do “something big”.

So I took a friend up on his invitation and traveled halfway around the world to sail with him in Asia.  After a month of that I continued on to explore Southeast Asia and Nepal by bus, boat, foot and motorcycle.

I heard firsthand tales of triumph and tragedy while trekking to Everest Base Camp, spent a month “going crazy” – then blissful – while living in a Buddhist monastery studying meditation.  I kayaked ten kilometers underground, and later explored remote villages along the Burma-Thai border on an off-road motorcycle.  Had I not caught pneumonia while traveling in Nepal I might have continued traveling forever – working as a writer and photographer from wherever I was.

But spending a couple weeks in an Asian hospital gave me time to reevaluate where I was headed, and I decided to return to America.  After a couple years of drifting around the West I started having problems with my eyes – like things weren’t there.

It turned out I had advanced glaucoma and faced the possibility of going blind.  For the next two years I spiraled into depression.  And then a voice inside said “Do your bucket list,” inspiring me to do the first item still on my list.  It was on that trip – kayaking down the Grand Canyon – where grace intervened in a powerful moment and my life around.

I wrote an award-winning book about the experience called From Grief to Grace.   And it was my book that led me to video.

To help sell the book and convey its message, I created what’s called a video book trailer.  It’s like a movie trailer – except it’s for a book.

It came out so well that other authors asked me to do book trailers for them. That led to learning how to do other types of video including explainer videos, online interviews and e-learning.

And that’s what I do now: work with people to help them bring out bring out the essence of their work, highlight it, and get the right people to take action.  I do this virtually where possible by using tools such as Skype and Google Hangouts to easily create compelling content.  These videos can be used for marketing on YouTube, your website and other places.  And they can be done in a fast and cost-effective manner.

If you’d like to let me bring my experience to help you with your video needs, contact me.


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