Award-winning Author of "From Grief to Grace"

After nine near-death experiences and almost going blind ... a life dedicated to pursuing What Really Matters

My Two Words are "Seek" and "Share"

How would almost going blind or having a near-death experience change your life?

A Lifetime of Exploring the Edges & Coming Back with the Story

Doug Greene was born in Sacramento and completed his B.A. in Photojournalism at San Jose State University. He then moved to Sun Valley, Idaho, and lived there for 25 years. When not kayaking, ski mountaineering and doing adventures, he worked as a writer and photographer – including as photo editor of the Mountain Express and as editor of Sun Valley Magazine.

​He later went on to freelance, with editorial work appearing in The L.A. Times, New York Times, Outside Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, Ski Magazine, Skiing Magazine, American Cinematographer, Photo District News and other publications.

​While recovering from a kayaking accident in 1996, he accessed the internet for the first time and had the revelation “this is the future of information”. So he moved to Silicon Valley where he worked in six different start-ups as a webmaster, information architect and content developer.​

​In 2001, and disillusioned when the tech boom went bust, he took a sabbatical and traveled through Southeast Asia and Nepal for over a half year. That initiated a spiritual odyssey exploring everything from Amazon plants to Zen Buddhism, as well as a wide array of workshops – all in a quest to find peace and a deeper meaning in his life.​

​In 2008 he was diagnosed with glaucoma and lost much of his vision. He also lost his home and most of his assets, and dropped into a prolonged depression. That’s when a voice from deep inside – perhaps as a last ditch effort – said “Do your Bucket List”. The outcome of those adventures, and the journey into darkness that got him there, are the basis for this book.​