GAR – How You can Help

You Can Help

help-each-otherIt’s going to take a team to meet the goals & objectives of this awareness ride. Before doing any fundraising, I am looking for contacts and connections for the following:

  • Exceptional researchers –  who are doing cutting-edge research on promising glaucoma breakthroughs
  • Ophthalmologists & Other Doctors – who are providing exemplary and novel care that is worthy of highlighting.
  • Inspiring Glaucoma Patients – who have come to terms with the disease and gone on to live inspiring and exceptional lives.

Where – the Countries I’ll Be Visiting

The route goes through Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, Baja California, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Edcuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

Ideas & Suggestions

I have my own ideas on what this trip could be.  But I also want to hear from others.  What do YOU think would make this trip even better?

Questions to consider:

  • What suggestions might you have on how this adventure could help and inspire others?
  • What do you find especially appealing about this whole journey?  And how could that be made even better

Media, Marketing & Organizations

I’m also looking for connections for the following to help promote this story:

  • Newspaper & Magazine Editors & Writers – in western North & South America, and in Central America, and whom might be interested in giving coverage to this story.
  • TV & Radio stations – with radio shows that I could appear on.
  • Blog & Media outlets – where I could write guest blogs, vlogs (video blogs) are articles about this journey.