Part 5 – Montana

Green, lush forest and … more snow

This is one of my last posts before reaching Canada.  What struck me (besides seeing snow at the higher elevations) is how lush and green the forest here is.  There is no sign of pine beetle damage. It’s a sad state when a forest stands out because it has no damage … [flowplayer src=’′]

A forgotten Montana homestead …

While riding through a remote stretch of Montana, I came across this abandoned homestead that is – literally – miles from anywhere.  It reminds me of other equally desolate places I found in northern New Mexico. Imagine the fortitude it would take to have tried to create a home in this landscape … [flowplayer src=’′]

Montana ~ “A River Runs through it” …

Here’s another check-in from Montana.  After a lot of riding, I stopped by this stream, and it reminded me that Montana has LOTS of rivers and streams – many famous for their trout fishing … [flowplayer src=’′]

Montana … Big Sky Country!

After a brief foray into Idaho, I arrive into Montana.  It is the often promoted as the land of “Big Sky”.  As you can see in this video, it’s true!  The valleys are wide, and the sky is everywhere … [flowplayer src=’′]