Aimee Christensen: A Life Dedicated to Sustainability (podcast)

Aimee Christensen is passionate about her work, completely devoted to sustainability, and has worked at the business, political and hands-on level with sustainability. She has degrees from Stanford and Smith College. She has worked with multi-national companies including Microsoft, Google and others. She has also worked with other countries, presidencies, and others.

Her company Christensen Global invests in sustainability businesses worldwide. She also created a sustainability project in Sun Valley, Idaho from which the knowledge gained can be replicated in projects around the world.

In this podcast you will learn what’s driven Aimee Christensen to be so successful in her work. What drives her? What is she so committed? How did she know this was her life’s work? How did she makes it happen? She is candid about what it’s taken to get there, why she does it, and more.

And she’ll give you her Top 4 tips about pursuing a similar career path.


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