Month: July 2010

At the top of the hot springs …

Valley View has natural hot springs rambling up the mountainside.  Some are large, some are small, and all have their own unique characteristics. This clip was taken from the top springs, of which there are three.  I liked the middle one the most. [flowplayer src=’′]

Art … or a pile of junk?

I came across this pile of stuff.  Couldn’t decide if it was sort of artistic, or just a pile of crap.  I guess it just depends on your point-of-view, and what you want to make of something … [flowplayer src=’′]

Deer so friendly … you’d think it’s a zoo

On a hike near Valley View Hot Springs, I came across this deer.  Normally deer tend to shy away from humans.  But this one … it was practically as friendly as a horse. In this clip you can see just how unafraid of me it was … [flowplayer src=’′]

Crestone Zen Center …

Once I learned where the spiritual centers are, my experience of Crestone took an entirely different turn.  It’s amazing what is out here. You can pretty much pick any religion you want and find it. This clip was taken at a Zen Center … [flowplayer src=’′]