Why did I become an author? What happened? Well .. it all came down a story I had to tell. It took one minute for life as I knew it to end – forever. I’d just completed an extensive eye examination. The doctor stood behind his desk and turned the test results around. The shock in his face face told me everything I needed to know. After explaining how to read the eye charts, he said, “You’ve lost half the vision in your left eye, and almost all of it in your right.” I was going blind. My slide into darkness began …


From Grief to Grace is my first book in a planned trilogy. It’s a story about ultimately turning trauma into transformation. In it I relate my experience of almost going blind, slipping into darkness, then – thanks to support from friends and a vision to do my “bucket list” – finding my way out again. With intensity, frank observation, humor and intensity, it is a journey that will leave you with a greater appreciation for your health, insight into dark interior spaces and how to get out of them, and entertained by the adventure of a white water expedition down the Grand Canyon.


From Grief to Grace is already getting great reviews! It won the Transformational Author Writing Contest before it was even completed. It’s been described as “Gripping”, “Brilliant adventuring”, and having “an intensity that comes leaping off the page ....”

About Doug

It feels like there’s a “Tale of Two Dougs”. Doug 1 is the curious, wandering adventurer I was before vision loss due to glaucoma. I entered into the life of Doug 2 the moment I realized I was going blind. Surprisingly, the life of Doug 2 has been more rewarding than Doug 1’s. Who’d a thunk?

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